Welcome to the MGC Member Virtual Plant Swap!

Overflowing with bee balm? Catmint out of control? Need to divide allium, thin raspberries, pull lilac seedlings or find a home for plants slated for the plant sale?

We have the solution!

Take advantage of the Milford Garden Club (member only) Virtual Plant Swap!

How It Works:

  • Send a list of your available plants to Diane Mikkelsen at digdig@aol.com. They will be listed on this web page, along with your name.

  • Members interested in your plants will get in touch with you directly from your contact details in the member handbook.

  • The "swapper" and "swappee" arrange the collection/delivery of plants.

And that's it! Easy!

  • Don't forget to send a note when you wish the listing to be removed from the website.

  • Check back often for new listings.

Plant Swap Listings

Jane Karavas
Plain, green leaf hosta - plenty of them! Please bring a shovel and be prepared to dig.

Peggy Robbins
Woods Pink Aster (a bee magnet, Peggy notes)

Roxanne Robert
Yellow primrose
Baby Bleeding heart
Variegated hosta
Tall white phlox
Joe pye weed
Black eyed Susan
Annual, but self seeding bachelor's buttons
Pale Purple and white violets
Rose campion
Mini iris

Nancy Chalder
Iris cristata
Wild Canadian ginger
Scented geranium
Upright ginger

Jane Karavas
Creeping veronica, purple, 4-5 inches, full sun.

Linda Barrow
Orange Daylilies (there may be light orange/peach ones also)
Purple Japanese Iris
Rambling red/pink roses (would go well along a fence... needs containment)
Sweet William ground cover
Purple Siberian Iris
Tall Lavender/White/Pink Phlox

Linda is looking for a few plants to brighten a mostly shaded area (brief morning sun):
Bleeding Heart - especially with the lighter yellow foliage, but not necessarily.
Bloodroot - especially double
And for some smaller (3-6 foot) evergreen shrubs, or flowering shrubs, to camouflage her house's cement skirting. Especially interested in red or bright leafed ones to add color even when not flowering.

Judy Chappell
Siberian Iris
Gay Feather
Stone crop
Lily of the valley
Several species of ornamental grasses

Judy is unable to dig, so members, be prepared to get your hands dirty!

And remember - Stay Safe!

Practice social distancing,
wear your mask,
and wash, wash, wash those hands!